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The Sonic Innovator

A forward-looking sound artist, timbretan experiments with novel approaches to sound curation and listening experiences.

The Handler of Chaos

Performing with chaotic maps, timbretan excites his audiences with his music and sometimes even visuals. He also keeps abreast of algorithmic developments in sound art.

The Rare Voice Today

timbretan prioritises complex behaviours of spatialisation and timbres, crafting novel experiences for listeners. Best experienced in real-life with multichannel speaker setups (octaphonic, 2D speaker setup etc.).

Now showing

The Virtual Spatial Musical Instrument (The VSMI)

What if immersive tech meets the arts? timbretan envisions a large musical instrument spread across a room for this virtual reality (VR) sound installation.

Now on at Noise Metaverse exhibition, The Ground Theatre at *SCAPE (near Somerset MRT) in Singapore, from 23 Feb 19 to 3 Mar 19.

Timothy Tan - The VSMI

timbretan’s First Ever Sound Installation

The Double Double Pendula (The DDP)

timbretan’s first ever sound installation, The Double Double Pendula (The DDP) was the product of 18 months’ work, and features two big double double pendula that can be converted to Rott pendula. A sound generator is embedded in the end of every pendulum arm. You can swing the pendula and observe the chaotic trajectories and their sonic spatialisation. This installation was first showcased at Royal Conservatoire The Hague in June 2018.

Also featuring

Cells #2

A chaotic map that looks like flowers, cells and other live forms? Enter Gumowski-Mira maps (GM maps), a chaotic map timbretan has been working with since 2016. What do these maps sound like? Check out Cells #2!

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timbretan at Peabody (photo: Wasin Prasertlap)
Photo: Wasin Prasertlap

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